About Us.

Coffee Portal is a comprehensive online resource for everything related to coffee. 
Founded in 2020 by Omani entrepreneur Abdulrahman Al-Hinai, BIN OMEIR GEOUP OF COMPANIES.

Our Mission.

is to be the ultimate guide for coffee lovers, providing a platform where coffee enthusiasts and experts can share their knowledge and passion.

We cater to both B2B and B2C customers and serve as a distributor for various high-quality brands such as Evoca Group coffee machines, Giesen Roasters, Barista Space, Flair Espresso, Cafetto, Musetti Italian Coffee, Piccolo Specialty Coffee, and other brands from all coffee related companies. 

The portal features a wide variety of content, including articles on coffee history, brewing methods, and recipes, as well as information on local coffee shops and roasters.

Also offers a variety of services to our customers such as providing coffee courses which give the learner international certificate from the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). We are proud members of the SCA. 

In addition, we have established a service center that specializes in coffee equipment for hospitality and industrial use, including roasters and other types of equipment.

We regularly participate in exhibitions and events such as the Horeca Oman exhibition, where we showcase our products and connect with potential customers in the region. 

We also provide support in terms of marketing materials, products, and financial aid to the brands we distribute.

Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or just looking to learn more about your morning cup of joe, our portal is the perfect resource. 

So come and explore the world of coffee with us in Oman under the guidance of COFFEE PORTAL.


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